When Day Breaks

A Swan Lake Retelling

Odette is content with the path her life is taking. Promised in marriage to the prince of a neighbouring kingdom, she awaits the day she will become queen and finally have some power to make her own choices. So when a violated treaty ends in a curse that steals her away, she pours her energy into breaking it. But the sorcerer who has cursed her is not open to negotiations.

Alexey Rothbart is brooding, sarcastic and bad tempered and he has no interest in returning Odette to her life and her prince. But he also didn’t count on having to subdue a will as strong as his own.

Their collision will shatter their worlds and when they are left standing in the wreckage, they have a choice to make. What do they want? And are they brave enough to take it?

Aphrodite’s Curse

A powerful family is brought to ruin, the consequences unforeseen and irreparable. The trouble begins with King Minos who asks

Little Girl Can Dance

When Andromeda loses her family, her best friend, her city, and her freedom, she must discover where lies the power

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