Wolves in white collars

Stealing from the criminals, what could go wrong?

Two civil servants running for their lives, pursued by a hard-as-nails, Harley riding, Willie Nelson look-alike called Fist.

How did a whinge about bad career choices and apathy come to this? It had started simply enough, a plan to steal from the criminals. A victimless crime. But no-one factored in Octavia Rider, the young policewoman who refuses to let the case go.

But who’s chasing who? Only time will tell as the carnage and mayhem plays out along the highways and by-ways surrounding Australia’s capital city.


"What reviewers have said on goodreads:This novel starts with suspense, amps it up, then lands it like a feather at the final page. This is a cracker of a book for anyone who likes their crime novels fast, clean and smart.I read this in one go: it’s funny, it sucks you in and you can’t put it down. The characters are oddly delightful. I enjoyed it immensely. Fun and action-packed story, perfect for airport layovers or a few hours on the beach. Some great Australian colloquialisms and the characters are relatable, especially if you’ve ever had to work in a bureaucracy! A good lively read."
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