101 Creative Writing Prompts for Aspiring Authors


Beat Writer's Block and Boost Your Creativity

Do you ever get those days when you want to write but can’t think of a starting point? Do you want to write but writer’s block is getting you down? Then this book is for you!

Written for adults, 101 Creative Writing Prompts for Aspiring Authors is a collection of writing prompts to help you beat your writer’s block or dry spell and find something new to write about.

This book offers something that similar books don’t: wide variety. Instead of one huge list of similar prompts, in 101 Creative Writing Prompts for Aspiring Authors you can choose from ten different categories of prompts, from odd emotions and unexplained scenarios to character development questions and famous first lines from 19th Century novels.

Take A Little Risk

A girl shouldn’t need to engage in crazy antics to gain her fiancé’s attention, but here I am . .

The Cymage

With each cough death looms closer. Only an experimental technology can save him. New meaning enters his life when a

The Land Grab

Two women “of a certain age” have driven to the Town of Speedway, Indiana (home to the Indianapolis 500), because

The Billionaire’s Path

Dean Harvester has it all. He’s the CEO of an award-winning real estate firm in Manhattan with a personal net

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