Before You Begin


How To Focus On What Matters And Get The Life You Want

Reaching your forties and still struggling to find direction? Discover a powerful framework to make every step significant.

Worried your midlife lacks meaning? Do you fear you’ll never do anything worthwhile? Let Before You Begin be your guide to change the way you are currently engaging the world, so you can experience different results. Results that align with what matters most to you. When you apply Compass Form, this book’s simple framework, you learn to navigate uncertainty, settle on a decision, and, when necessary, adjust course to stay in alignment with what matters most to you.

Compass Form is about isolating decisions, so you address them specifically and clear some of the chaos that comes with trying to make many decisions at once or trying to make the “perfect” decision. Since life is ambiguous and chaotic, it isn’t about predicting the future. The skill you build with Before You Begin is learning how to quickly make sense of the chaos and being content with the best decision possible given the reality of your circumstances.

That’s what you’ll learn to do in this book through its:
Example scenarios
Depictions of real people applying Compass Form
Reflection questions
Practical application activities

Get out of stagnation and frustration and start making real progress towards what matters most to you with Before You Begin.

"Jacob has shown me the reality of what it takes to fully own oneself and the disconnect between what we think is true versus reality. By using the Compass Form framework, I have been able to tap into a big piece of my life that I thought had been abandoned. Jacob shows you that change is possible when you search for the TRUTH."
Scott Allan, Bestselling author of Fail Big and Undefeated

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