Being Yourself Journal


Daily Journal Templates to Enhance Your Life

Your Daily Journal with Powerful Self-Coaching Questions

Journaling is a powerful way to understand yourself better. If you journal on a regular basis you will find that—in a matter of time—your journal will become the single most useful document you have on yourself. It will not only help you understand your thought patterns better but also challenge them based on what works specifically for you.

Here is what you will find in the journal:

  1. Page templates that you can fill out every day to connect with your thoughts and feelings
  2. Affirmations to increase self-esteem and confidence
  3. A complete list of values using which you can discover yours
  4. Self-coaching questions that will help you find solutions in difficult situations
  5. Simple ways to decrease worry and stay calm in the present moment

Journaling works very well when you want to evaluate your thoughts in a different frame of mind. You can rely on your journal to provide calmness and clarity whenever you need it.

Download the Being Yourself Journal and start journaling today!

"Roma's Being Yourself journal is a helpful self-evaluation tool that if honestly kept, can guide you through a difficult situation on your own."
5 star Amazon Review

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