Bramble Brush – Til an End Defined. by Time Part II


Til an End Defined by Time is a novella series about self-discovery, self-love and inner strength.

Spanning the 1970’s through the present day, travel with Kat and Rory as they discover their sexuality and capacity for love in all forms. Discovering an innate raw connection between each other doesn’t take long, and soon, Kat and Rory fall madly in love. But after struggling to balance between their happy bubble and an unrelating, piercing fear of what others may think, they question if love is enough.
Their straight and lesbian experiences clash when blending their families from diverse worlds. Ultimately, believing a guardian angel brought them together, they must now trust love will guide them on their path forward as they unite their families.

If love books about slow-burn romance, family dynamics, sexual awakenings, you will love Bramble Brush

"I read the first book in the Til an End of Time series, Meadow of Imagination. Bramble Brush did not disappoint. I love how much Rory’s evolves in this book and Kat is so romantic. A true love story with many subplots about family dynamics."
5 Star Amazon Review

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