Castles and Kings


Is love worth the risk?

Fiona lost herself when her last boyfriend turned out to be a narcissistic psychopath. He won’t leave her alone, no matter how many times she tells him they’re through.

When Shane Murphy sees the beautiful red-head in trouble, he also sees a means to an end. A place to hide until he figures out why his brother wants him dead.

But his hostage makes him feel more than he expects, and Shane has to make a choice. Save himself? Or lose everything?

Ice Mermaid

“Darius.” It came out choking from his chapped lips, and his head jerked as he tried to look up into

9-Book Sampler

This Mini-Book has excerpts from 9 different books. Book covers and descriptions are included before each book chapter to help

The Elemental Heist

Cole decided to leave the underworld and its shadows behind, and to achieve this, he needed to steal the most

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