Delivering his gifts: A Christmas romance with a mysterious mountain man (Erotic Anthology)


Are you ready?... Let's start the road then!

A Christmas romance.
Ten years ago, in Sydney Australia …
Oliver is a mountain man ….
Laura is a student teacher from Chicago.
Here begins the story of Laura … who will have you trapped until the end.
Are you ready?…
Let’s start the road then!

"®️ I am a full time writer of fiction and non-fiction. I am an electronic engineer, you could say that I am a specialist in marketing and internet technologies and in my free time I dedicate myself to my great passion. Erotic stories. As you can see I'm a pretty flashy guy. I hope you like my work (both fiction and non-fiction) and you can learn at the same time as you get turned on (at best) by my erotic stories."

Aegir’s Daughter

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The Stewardess’s Diary

Follow the flight path of a determined airline captain as he seeks the mysterious stewardess who dropped her diary in

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