Discover My Desires Sebastian & Lola Prequel | STEELE International, Inc. A Billionaires Romance Series


"Lola, what you do to me, belle," Simon grinds out. "Tell me. What do you want?"

Download your exclusive subscriber copy of Discover My Desires Sebastian & Lola Prequel, the start of the STEELE International, Inc. A Billionaires Romance Series


The billionaire romance novelette of Sebastian Steele and Lola Lewis.


Their stories. Their discovery of unknown desires.


On two different paths. In two different times. Thousands of miles apart.


Yet, nothing can keep this power couple from their destiny to fulfill their desires together.


Lola Lewis is on the fast-track to a booming luxury lingerie company with goals to expand from Paris and London to New York City and Las Vegas. Her business is a success. Her love life, not so much. Will one steamy night of intense passion spark the discovery of her unknown desire?


Do I understand? Do I want to cede control to Simon? Why does it turn me on???


Sebastian Steele, the eldest in the Steele clan of billionaire brothers and sisters, is on the path to CEO of his family’s luxury real estate empire. When his work in Dubai includes sizzling extracurricular activities, will the discovery of his newfound desire blaze a second trail?


She trembles and a gasp slips from between her lips in response.


Let the exploration begin.


Read Discover My Desires the billionaire romance prequel to Fulfill My Desires Sebastian & Lola Part I the first novel in the series. Enjoy this steamy novella, then dive in for even more of the STEELE family’s trysts!



Welcome to the titillating world of the multibillion-dollar global company and the love affairs of the family that controls it.


STEELE International, Inc. is a series of interconnecting Billionaire romance. Follow the Steele family as they fly around the world chasing the women they love and their happily ever afters. Get ready for glitz, glamour, and steamy romance books. What’s better than that? The Jet-set Lifestyle has never been hotter…


The Desires Series is not for the tea set; it’s for the top-shelf vodka straight up in a pretty crystal glass coterie!



"This preview of the billionaires' Romance series will treat you with sizzling scenes, open the doors to the rich and famous billionaire lifestyle and entertain your senses until they leave you gasping! Cannot wait to continue this series."
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