Distant Rumors


16 Excellent Stories of Life and Death

16 excellent short stories from master storyteller, William Gensburger that cover the many aspects of life and death.

•What happens when you’re supposed to be dead but you are not?

•What was Arnold Schwarzenegger doing on Venice Beach when three young friends meet him?

•Who cleans up after the superheroes?

•Why is she pregnant with a dead baby, and how will that affect their relationship?

•How do you handle becoming the housemaster at an elite boarding school only to have to face the haunting memory from your past?

•Why did the cat live?

•Why did Hadley Verona wind up in the hospital on his thirtieth birthday?

•What do you do when it’s the end of the world?

•Why is a man waging a war against wasps?

•Why do you have to die when you are 50 years old.

•Why won’t David talk to the woman he is infatuated with?

•Will Grandy commit murder to ascend to the next level at work?

These stories offer fascinating locales, powerful characters and satisfying endings, covering a variety of genres and styles.

“Engaging, happy, sad, interesting, wild . . . it made me want more!” ~ Jill Herredia

"With his ability to transform the commonplace into the extraordinary, Gensburger delivers a sophisticated collection that will stay with the reader for long."
The Prairies Book Review

Silently in the Night

A collection of tantalizing tales with more twists than braided hair: Mystery, murder and mayhem – plus a moment of

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