Five Fat Pigs


A Sven Kingdoms prelude

A tale to introduce the world of the Sven Kingdoms. Five people and five pigs. In her quest to become the pre-eminent chef of rich Nomessina, Michelle Inne is forced to look to neighbouring Hewslez in order to procure the pigs she needs to cook. Four Hewselzians scramble to acquire and deliver the unwitting porkers in a battle against time, over-consumption, dodgy cart salesmen and escape from a dysfunctional family, coming to a head at the infamous Pheasant Plucker inn.

Apocalypse Z – The Prequel

Deep in the heart of the Congolese jungle Tara Lee, a brilliant scientist and workaholic, studies a mysterious new outbreak.

An Interview With Marcie Kane

Marcie Kane is the strong, independent and divorced heroine of The Marcie Kane Thriller Collection. Learn more about this fascinating

Before I Found You

At twenty-six, Courtney Price is trying to get her travel-writing career off the ground. It’s not as easy as she

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