Kay MacLeod’s Welcome Pack


A collection of stories by Kay MacLeod

Authentic characters. Innovative abilities. Serious snark.

The Carnelian Fox Bonus Chapter

Find out the origins of Maiyamon, a monster-catching game brought into the real world. Will the lure of riches push science too far?

The Amber Wyvern

Delve into the lore of Maiyamon and uncover a secret history connected to a powerful monster.

Juggler’s Path

Follow Asher from The Constellation Saga as he develops his power and comes closer to defying his father’s cruel teaching.

In Pursuit of Knowledge

Malik from The Constellation Saga is left stranded and injured when he makes a devastating mistake.

Sweetest Dreams

A dark fairy is approached to use a dream power most people look down on. But the minotaur is asking for something he could never turn her away for. Welcome to the World of Orthaya.

Heirs of Power Preview

Read the first five chapters of the epic fantasy novel Heirs of Power, book one of The Constellation Saga. A group of humans inherit incredible powers to save their world from being devoured by evil spirits.

City of Storms

For the Shadow is a tight passage, a narrow door, whose painful constriction no one is spared who goes down

Cover Me in Darkness

Amanda Sinclair has to fight harder than most for everything she has after fleeing the cult that left her brother

Ancient Whispers

“Make love to me, Sorcerer. Show me your powers” Gabriel is the youngest member of the Priory of Callan—an ancient

The Reader

The Given is set in a world where some people have the power to read minds and the most powerful

About the Author

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