Michael’s Healing


In the arid, war-torn desert, Jessie became Michael's oasis.

Since childhood, I’ve had to hide my sexuality, first from my hypocritical preacher father, then from my fellow Marines. During an insurgent’s attack on my base in Afghanistan, I was seriously injured and sent to Bagram Air Base for medical treatment. Once there, I met a young Air Force Security Force member who helped me overcome my fears and accept myself as a gay man, starting the healing of my body and soul.
I joined the Air Force right out of high school, planning to retire in my thirties and continue in my career as a police officer. While making my rounds in the hospital wing, I heard the heartbreaking sound of someone crying out in their sleep. Unable to resist, I found Michael, a young Marine with more than physical pain to overcome. Together we explore our forbidden passions, I hoped to heal his heart not realizing, he’d set my soul on fire.
Characters from this story are from Born a Halfling, Paranormal B&B 4 found on Amazon, Changeling Press, Barnes, and Noble, Kobo and Apple Books.
Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083B6W3K7


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