Princess of the Blood Mages


Secrets from Fale’s past haunt her—and visions of the future might hold the key to her legacy. 

Having vivid premonitions that come true is unusual, but for Fale it’s part of her routine once she turns eighteen. She has no idea why.

When one of those premonitions allows her to save Keron—the guy she loves—their destiny is sealed, and their lives are in great danger.

She suspects it has something to do with the sacred key her father entrusted to her as he lay dying. She was eight when she found him brutally beaten and watched him succumb to the injuries.

Now hunted by thugs who want to steal the Key of Effailya, Fale and Keron must rely on themselves until two mysterious benefactors offer them protection and answers.

Fale needs to protect the Key of Effailya at all costs, but she needs to know who is behind the plot against her. The enemy is powerful and ruthless, and holding the sacred key might kill her like it killed her father. Unless she accepts the magic that courses through her veins and learns how to use it.

Before the triumph of evil forces, can Fale rise to the occasion and perform a duty she never knew was hers to carry out?

A fast-paced YA fantasy that will have readers racing headfirst through the pages.

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"[Princess of the Blood Mages] is book one of a fantastic YA Fantasy Series. Haskin has created a fantasy dystopia that is complex, but not too overwhelming. The story line has lots of action and conflict, both emotionally and physically. Haskins blends in sci-fi with her fantasy world, which adds depth to the story she's telling. The author has created a world full of engaging characters that face a dark and dangerous society. The dialogue is crisp, and the characters are well developed. My personal opinion is we have The Hunger Games meets A Wrinkle in Time; looking forward to see where this develops. Highly recommend reading. "
5-Star Goodreads Review

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