Reprogram For Success


Inner Healing For Personal Transformation & Development

Everyone wants to be successful. Everyone wants answers to their problems. If only we know who our true identity is in the spirit, we will quickly come to terms with the reasons we are often so challenged in life.

In this book, you will be met with nine lessons challenging you to take a journey into the inner world of your soul’s purpose. You will learn from each exercise why your perception of reality is shaped in its current format and how you are to reprogram for success.
Reprogram for success comes when one reaches the stage of knowing our lives need a balance between the material and non-material experiences. At this point in our lives, frustration, disappointment and hurt are experienced, often leaving us to feel failures. It is at this point the spiritual awakening begins.

This book will take you through part of the journey. You will learn tools for harmony and success, which you will dovetail with your current experiences. Also, you will gain immediate access to lessons in higher consciousness.

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