Everything you thought you knew is a lie

Do you wanna know a secret?
I’m a terrible, rotten human being.
The thing is,my great grandfather and his best friend had a dream.
Then their sons had the same dream.
And then their sons….you get the drift.
What was this dream?
To strengthen and solidify the bonds of their long lasting friendship with the sanctity of marriage.
This wasn’t possible for several generations because neither the Crane family nor the Black family had a female child. Until me.
And Alicia.
My planned marriage to James Crane was the talk of the Town.
Every single female was envious of me. Many would have killed to be in my position.
My husband to be was rich,easy on the eyes and a complete gentleman.
The best part of this arranged marriage was,James and I were already madly in love.
Whatever could go wrong with such a fairytale love story?
It turned out that I was also the dumbest person in the world.
I was provoked.
That’s my only excuse for doing what I did.
Now I’m caught in a web of my own making.
Instead of uniting our two families just like my great-grandfather wanted,I was on track to turn our families into bitter,feuding enemies.

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