Seducing The Seamstress


He had given up on love. Until he met her ...

“God,” she cried out as the sensations sent shock waves through her system. Her skin flushed with pleasure as he dragged his lips and tongue over her. Things she never dreamt of saying escaped her mouth with a haggard breath as something magical built inside her. Soon, she was begging him to continue …

Stars &. Scars

Prequel to Pluck & Cover! Learn how Waylon met Captain Perkins at the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park when he

Grandpa Goes Missing

Find out what brought Willow Crier down to the great state of Oklahoma in this hilarious prequel to the “Willow

A Shadow Among Legions

There was a time when Darien would have rather died than take an innocent life. But the cruel training of


India. 1947. A bloody event changed the country’s fabric. A family was annihilated. Only one among them survived. But she

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