Survivor — The Prequel to the Casey Russo Chronicles


Find out how it all began... Why did Case go into hiding for 10 years?

Survivor is the prequel short story to The Casey Russo Chronicles.

Find out how it all began…

  • Why did Casey go into hiding for 10 years?
  • Why does he keep his past a secret?

All is revealed in this gripping, action-packed, short story.


Fighting to Survive

Book 1 of the Casey Russo Chronicles

He’s been in hiding for 10 years. But the time for hiding is over…

Casey Russo thought he’d put his dark past behind him. Working for a friend at his remote farm kept him far away from the tyrannical Cosa Nostra—the mafia overlords who overthrew the U.S. in the ashes of The Last War. But you can’t run forever. When the Cosa Nostra abducts his friend’s son, Casey knows he’s the only one who can keep the boy from meeting a bloody end in the fighting pits…

With the help of a foul-mouthed teen girl with one hell of a right hook, the rescue mission takes Casey deep into enemy territory. To steal back the boy from the heart of corruption, Casey’s only chance is to join the rebellion he hoped to ignore. And achieving his mission may just involve taking down an empire…

Fighting to Survive is the pulse-pounding first book in a series of dystopian sci-fi novels. If you like white-knuckle action, complex characters, and original worlds, then you’ll love Rick Pine’s gritty adventure.

"Great first work of fiction from the author. Refreshiny original premise. Fast paced adventure that kept me turning the pages. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for their next great series!"
5 Star Amazon Review

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