Task Force Identity


In the fight against a ruthless criminal network operating on four continents… … will CIA Analyst Regina Livingston be the ace in the hole for Interpol?

Nobody saw the pattern…

…until one analyst connected the dots.

Is there enough time to stop them?

Regina worked hard in school, got the right degrees, and put in her time. At 35, she’s a rising star in the C.I.A., but her dream is to be in the field. Will her new assignment be the break she longs for?

Interpol task force “identity” needs strong analysts. Regina gets accepted and it looks like the dream might be possible, but there is one problem…Zach Jones, her partner, doesn’t want her in the field.

Real police work doesn’t need analyst nerds.

Sometimes the break a person needs, falls at their feet, and the case they just landed is in Regina’s hometown, Pensacola, Florida.

She knows the town and there’s nothing Zach Jones can do to keep her on the sidelines.

Is Regina ready for the field?

What she doesn’t know, is that this is only the beginning of a chase that will take them around the world. With each stop the stakes grow. The danger rises.

In this game, they play for keeps.

You’ll adore this thriller, because it grabs you and won’t let go.

Get it now.

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