The Amazing Benefits of Meditation


Living the Life You've Always Wanted to Live

You know that mental and emotional health is the key to happiness. Thinking you’d like to use meditation to improve your life? This book examines the scientific evidence on meditation’s many physical, mental and emotional benefits. It also delves into the “how” and the “why”, offering many easy techniques to amplify modern medicine. In recent years much scientific research has been done on meditation and its practice.

Scientific findings have confirmed what Master Teachers and mystics have known for centuries—that meditation can be help individuals and communities in so many ways related to mental, emotional and physical health, inner peace, wellness, aliveness, and personal growth and evolution.

Among the topics that are covered:

  • A whole host of physical, mental, and emotional issues that respond well to meditation (Chapter 2)
  • Lessening Stress, Increasing a Sense of Well-Being (Chapter 3)
  • Creativity and Problem Solving (Chapter 5)
  • Attracting Good People, Things, and Circumstances (Chapter6)

In addition to examining the research and the findings, the author Blair Abee offers his own perspective on why meditation works to create very positive outcomes.  Blair has spent more than 45 years studying yoga, meditation, and other spiritual traditions, and offers his insights and personal discoveries.

And check out his website and weekly blog at:

"I just finished, The Amazing Benefits of Meditation and think it's a must read, especially in these times. This isn't just a book about meditation, it's a book about keeping a healthy perspective on life. Pick it up. It's worth your time. Blair is a modern-day "Swami Vivekananda" and has helped me through my spiritual path in search of enlightenment. He taught me to think about my mind as a computer with vast but limited computation. If we concern ourselves with the worrisome or strenuous thoughts, not only will we manifest our worries and stressful situations into our reality, but we will have less computational capacity to attract wealth and prosperity"
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