The Lost Queen


Slow burn, reverse harem, WhyChoose, fantasy romance PNR

Raised as a human and unaware she’s destined to become Queen of the Fae, Glori was always an outcast, a social misfit with pointy ears whose aura causes technology to short-circuit. Her love interests, Kenji and Angel, gain their Fae powers and begin to uncover the truth of their Fae heritage as well. This novella takes place BEFORE Glori gathers her harem.

The Fae Queendom is a 6-book, slow-burn, reverse harem #WhyChoose series that will be published over 6 months in 2021. This novella contains no sexy times, but the rest of the series will. Glori has two adoptive mothers, her best friend is a lesbian, and most of the main characters are pansexual/bisexual. Fae culture is very sexually liberated, and there will be group sex scenes, including some M/M.

This book is provided as a preview and has not yet visited the editor or proofreader.

"I just read through it so fast I couldn’t put it down! … This series is going to rock. ... I could not stop reading it last night. … I absolutely loved this book. ... I love The Lost Queen and I’m really excited about what’s to come. ... OMG THE PLOT TWIST "
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