The Mitanni Princess


Her future is pending.

Escape to this long-forgotten journey deep into the Mitanni Empire where a princess battles her father for a chance to live her own life.

Her future is pending.

The Mitanni Princess Tadukhipa weighs her options: happiness in exile and poverty, death in prison, or a luxurious life of loneliness.

Cursed to love a servant and practice a servant’s trade, Tadukhipa rebels against her father, the King, for a chance to change her destiny.

The Mitanni Princess follows the young girl assumed to be the historical Mitanni bride, Tadukhipa, to Amenhotep III and given the pet name “Kiya” by Akhenaten.

This novella is part of the prequel collection that supplements Lauren’s debut series The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles. The eBook version is Free and exclusive to her newsletter subscribers. By downloading, you are agreeing to sign-up to Lauren’s newsletter and email distribution list. You may unsubscribe at any time.

"...well written, thought provoking, contains well developed and believable characters, and is written...with an empathy and emotion that brings each character to life. ...get lost in a story and absorbed in the characters, reach a satisfactory ending, even when tragic..."
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