The Promise


Can we ever escape the past?

It is 1483. The Pyrenees mountains are a dangerous place for a woman.

Mountain healer Elena lives like a bird in flight. She roams the wild Pyrenees, dispensing comfort and medicine to anyone in need. Haunted by a childhood tragedy, she won’t let anyone get too close.

One extraordinary winter, an unexpected romance shatters this solitary existence. With her first taste of love, Elena finds new hope. But when her dearest friend makes an audacious request, she faces an agonizing choice.

Will she be drawn back into the web of violence she’s spent a lifetime trying to escape?

The Promise: A Prequel Novella is part of the Miramonde Series, a thrilling historical mystery saga about a Renaissance-era female artist and the modern-day scholar on her trail.

If you enjoy strong heroines, adventure, intrigue, and romance, you’ll love this mesmerizing tale!

"Strong writing, nuanced characters, and stunning description make The Promise highly recommended. "
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