Truth wrapped in a story.

An unexpected disaster leads to an unpredictable deliverance in this fresh take on a familiar story. Theology disguised as a story.

"I loved it! I have already passed it on. ~ Dawn I was touched by this heart-opening story. ~ Mariana An excellent story! It certainly provides much food for thought. ~ Loretta Your stories always make stop and think in a different direction. Sort of gives me the other side of the story. Thank you! ~ Lorraine "
First Readers

In the Shadow of the Rings

The Collectorate has collapsed. Forty worlds once bound to its might are on their own. Some flourish, others implode …

The Vet and Valentine Day

Love story about a Patsy Peacock, owner of Patsy’s Pastries and Pretties in the award-winning Willow Falls series.


Shelby Denayer is a scrapper. Life is peaceful, her days spent mining comets, her nights spent reading 19th Century Science

Mystery at the Fair

When Jean Hays discovers the desiccated corpse of local quilting legend Ina Grange in a storage container on the fairgrounds

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