“Best series I have ever read!” – Amazon Reviewer

April Cooker loves her life as an ER physician but in a horrific twist of fate she suddenly finds herself whisked away to a heavily guarded mansion in order to care for a man she found bleeding to death in an alley.Angry family members, an on site hospital room, and guards everywhere let April know that this is no ordinary situation.She has walked into the world of Valentin Ivankov, Russian mafia don!Forced to tend to his injuries, April starts to learn more about the man whose life she has just saved and can’t help but wonder if she’ll ever see her own life again outside the magnificent mansion that has become her prison.Will this devastatingly handsome but dangerous man let her go or is she forever trapped in this world by her BRUTAL CAPTOR? WARNING: BRUTAL CAPTOR is a steamy Mafia romance series that’s packed with action, adventure, and red hot romance that will have you HOOKED from the first page! Prepare yourself for a sizzling BINGE READING late-into-the-night experience that will make you believe in love like never before!

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