Ghosts of Trumball Mansion

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Lana Longstreet is his star author … and the nom de plume of his estranged wife, Sylvia. Though he still loves her, how can he live in a home where ghosts deride him at every turn? Maybe the time has come to officially end any obligation to his wife’s Connecticut estate and be free of their torment.

Though she still loves her husband, Sylvia Fitzgibbons is tired of the charade of a marriage. She’d ask Henry for a divorce, but the children are planning an anniversary party in August, and she has a deadline for her Johnny Gallant suspense series in the same month. Then there are the decaying rose gardens, the only allure drawing Henry to the estate and her launch parties.

Henry agrees to help with the garden repair, but his hopes for a quick departure are smashed when Sylvia’s housekeeper is injured. He is drawn to Sylvia’s helplessness like a femme fatale. As the couple draws on each other for support, the malignant forces within the home become increasingly aggressive.

Something evil conspires against them that only Faith can conquer.

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