Jubilee Giveaway

A Community Giveaway Presented by Conor Bender

Dieppe. Summer, 1942. Lord Louis Mountbatten, Commander of the Combined Operations Office, has his eye on Northern France and an audacious plan for an Allied raid on this quiet fishing port in Normandy. But the head of the Special Operations Executive, Charles Hambro, has his doubts. Mountbatten’s plans seem politically motivated and dangerously lacking in detail. Bowing to Mountbatten’s seniority – and against his better judgment – Hambro sends his best agent, Arthur Cutter, undercover to France. Smuggled into the outskirts of Dieppe, Cutter links up with a young, idealistic French resistance fighter, Talia Crevier. As the Allied Forces attempted to penetrate the Nazi Atlantic Wall, Cutter and Crevier must find a way to trust each other – and infiltrate the Nazi forces within the town in a desperate attempt to give the raid a fighting chance. But as circumstance and Nazi cunning encircle them, the odds of success for Mountbatten’s Operation Jubilee grow smaller and smaller….

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