A Predator’s Plaything

The Blackened (Book1)

“A wealthy, self-proclaimed doll maker is terrorizing his perfect women in Columbus, Ohio.But Jeremiah Woodson, a mysterious vigilante with a unique set of abilities, stops at nothing to bring justice to those who have been scorned.Martin Sheridan, a trust fund baby with an ego to match his wallet, always believed himself superior. Handsome, charming and rich, women fawn over him and rarely think twice about his motives. But in a game of Cat and Mouse, there can only be one winner – and Jeremiah always hedges the bets in his favor.”Joshua Brown is a #1 bestselling author with American roots, born and raised in a small village near Nuremberg, loving music, sports, nature and of course books and movies.

"peer and corruption means young women are sold as slaves. One man can help, a very enjoyable novella, gritty but not too gory. More please"
5 Star Amazon Review

My Second Chance

Newly divorced financial advisor Samiyah Manhattan has met the man of her dreams. Celebrity ex-boxer and heavyweight champion turned business

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