Call it Kismet

A quarter-million dollars. Two possible futures. One woman looking for direction…

A quarter-million dollars. Two possible futures. One woman looking for direction…Ithaca, New York. Lucy Brown feels most alive behind the lens of a camera. Orphaned just before college graduation, she yearns to ease her lonely soul through making art. So when she wins a substantial sum in a copyright-infringement suit, she finds herself on the horns of a difficult dilemma – go to law school to defend other photographers, or travel the highways photographing America.Pulled in two directions, her only clear choice is leaving Ithaca. But when she’s attracted to a handsome contractor and falls in love with a puppy, she’s not sure if she’s met her destiny… or just a bump in the road.Will Lucy choose the journey that reveals her true self?Call it Kismet is a powerhouse of speculative women’s literature. If you like complex characters, a touch of magical realism, and considering what could have been, then you’ll adore Heather Hummel Gallagher’s swerving story.Download Call it Kismet to pick your path today!

"Call It Kismet is an inspirational and feel good women's fiction story that will pull at your heartstrings, touch your soul, and leave a smile on your face."
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