Dungeon Configure

A dungeon core with a split personality. What couls go wrong? Turns out, everything.

David knows all about working in a dead-end job. At least he thinks he does. After a freak accident in the barren wilderness of the Australian outback, he finds himself confronted with the true meaning of the term. David is now a dungeon core, charged with producing armies of minions and ensuring his domain is a place where the unworthy go to die.But the accident not only transformed David, it fractured him. Part of his psyche still remains with his broken body. When an interloper wrestles control of the dungeon away from him, David must brave real-world perils to ensure that both he and the dungeon he has become will survive.Can David withstand the breaking of his body and ravaging of his soul? Will he reunite with his dungeon self in time to destroy the menace trying to take over his dungeon? There’s only one way to find out—read Dungeon Configure today.

Brutal Captor I

She’s devoted to saving lives. When she pulls a bullet from a mobster’s chest, can she also melt his frozen


A man with a mission, a woman on the run. Can they escape the past that haunts them both? Years

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