Harper’s Punishment

Read Flame For Two? Here is a bonus scene!

See what happens when Harper gets that punishment she’s been promised by Xander and how both her Doms take care of her. If you want to read the rest of Harper’s story, buy Flame For Two wherever you buy ebooks! Please note this is a teaser/bonus scene and not the full length novel.

"Review of Flame For Two "I loved the first one in this series, Flame for You, but this one topped that. I love the inner fight of the three main characters. And the extra segsy stuff was an added bonus. The suspense plot had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! Can't wait for the next one!""

The Feral Sentence

Eighteen-year-old Lydia Brone never imagined she’d be convicted of first-degree murder.“What a trip. This is a kick ass book. I


Jenna thinks the History of the Trackers is boring. Tom thinks that next weekend, he’ll be painting the nursery pink.

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