Her Boss’s Baby

A Billionaire Single Dad Romance

A tip straight from the Billionaire’s Handbook: Do not get involved with your business partner’s daughter. 

Bonus tip: But if you’re the prick who does, just be sure to not get her knocked up…


Believe me, the Billionaire’s Club can be tough.

Money brings risky temptations and I’m used to getting my way.

Yet, Ashlee Somersby’s assets are off-limits.

You can’t buy self control, and I needed a sh*t ton.


Her father entrusted me to give her a lesson in business.

But when we got stuck together, she ended up with a hands-on masterclass in takeovers and mergers.


I wasn’t looking for love again.

Because I can’t let anything disrupt the safe sanctuary of my son’s life.

But now that Ashlee’s pregnant, all bets are off…

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