Liberty One

A Cold War Space Race Thriller

Nukes threaten the world. International conflict propels into space. With one chance to cripple a deadly secret, will a lone astronaut survive?

1962. Jim Cobb fights for America’s freedom. After losing his father in the opening shots of the Cold War, the elite Navy pilot has made payback his life’s mission. So after blockading the delivery of Communist missiles in Cuba, the fervent flier eagerly accepts an invitation from NASA to train to combat the Reds in space.

Learning the iron curtain is hiding a covert project in orbit, Jim is determined to find and destroy the machine before Earth burns in a nuclear hell. But love tears at his focus as his pacifist wife and a close ally oppose his lonely crusade… and he tries to accept that his duty may be a one-way ticket.

Can Jim triumph in the conquest of the skies or will he perish, forever frozen in a desolate enemy grave?

Liberty One is an epic Space Race thriller. If you like heart-stopping action, dashes of romance, and edge-of-your-seat battles in and out of the atmosphere, then you’ll enjoy Bobby Mehdwan’s page-turning return to the Red Scare.

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""Loved it! 😍 Equal parts thrilling and provocative""
Discovery Editorial

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