Only This And Nothing More

A Collection of Uneasy Short Stories

Prepare to embark on an uneasy journey into the depths of darkness with E.S. Magill’s haunting collection of short stories. Only This and Nothing More  will plunge you into a world where reality and nightmares entwine, leaving you questioning the very fabric of existence.

In the first tale, “The Dark Watchers,” the Santa Lucia Mountains stand as silent witnesses to an unsettling secret. Among the rugged cliffs and ancient redwoods, a phantom presence known as the Dark Watchers lurks, guarding the wilderness. When one man becomes entangled in the mysteries of these elusive beings, he discovers a sinister truth that propels him to take drastic measures to protect nature’s delicate balance.

“We Are All Still Here” introduces us to a young woman grappling with loss and grief. After a tragic accident claims the lives of her family, she finds herself plagued by apparitions of her departed loved ones. In her relentless pursuit of solace, she unravels the haunting reality about death, purgatory, and heaven. As she navigates this eerie revelation, she must confront her own mortality and the spectral ties that bind her to the afterlife.

“Samhainophobia,” the third installment, delves into the unsettling phobia of a woman paralyzed by a haunting dread of Halloween and the macabre. In a twisted revelation, she comes face to face with her darkest fears, her own identity entwined with her deepest anxieties.

“Los Necrocorridos” is a tale of unconventional love and undead devotion. A young man yearns for a love song to immortalize the relationship between his parents, despite his mother’s tragic transformation into a zombie. In this heart-rending and surreal narrative, the young man grapples with the complexities of emotion, love, and the boundaries that can transcend even death itself.

E.S. Magill’s storytelling will draw you into a realm of terror and fascination, where the shadows hold secrets and the line between reality and nightmare blurs into oblivion. Prepare to be captivated by these haunting tales, where the human psyche dances with darkness and the supernatural meets the inexplicable. This collection will leave you forever haunted by the lingering echoes of the unknown.

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