Raw Honey; the Sweet&Dirty MC Romance Series Prequel

The Devil's Flyers invite you back to the beginning... when the love of a lifetime began

This biker is living the good life, riding free and wild. Until he saves a pretty blonde from violence, and she repays him in the sweetest way. In 1970, ‘Webb’ Webber is home from the deadly jungles of Vietnam. He and his Air Force buddies fought an ugly war. They returned to anti-war protesters and a government that wants these battle-scarred veterans to shut up and blend in. Instead, they vow to forge a new life for themselves, following no rules but their own.Velvet Tinker is trapped in an abusive relationship, with nowhere to run. Until a quiet, blue-eyed veteran on a big motorcycle sets her free.She shouldn’t trust him…but his offer to ride free on the back of his bike just might be her salvation. Will she find the courage to trust one more time?Will love’s sweetness be worth the sting?Ride along with the Devil’s Flyers and find out.

"Definitely a 10 star book. It was so steamy and delicious that I couldn't put it down! This is why Ms. Cade is one of my most favorite writers ever!! Great Story and off to purchase the next in the series."
5 Star Amazon Review


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