Tell Me What I Want to Hear

First-place Winner in the 2022 St. Louis Writers’ Guild Short Story Contest

Eric Slater credits his roommate, Jeff Byers, and Jeff’s personal software associate, Bezos, with saving them from homelessness.

OK, in his less melodramatic moments, Eric would admit that homelessness is a bit much, but saving them from some tough times during a COVID pandemic-driven downturn in business wouldn’t be. And of the two rescuers, Eric’s pretty sure that the software associate gets more of the credit than the human dropout software engineer. Jeff is smart, but Bezos seems to be nothing less than a savant at constructing software applications for a local grocery freight business.

That’s why Eric was staggered when Jeff suggested that they license Bezos to the freight company as the “crowning jewel” of their business software suite. Certain that the software associate was something like “… a supercomputer with advanced artificial intelligence,” Eric was sure that Jeff had lost his mind.

But the shock of Jeff’s proposal to license Bezos was soon dwarfed by Jeff’s explanation of what the assistant really was.

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