The Pulcher’s Last Dance

Apologise? I'd Rather Eat Thistles!

The Pulcher, the most beautiful bird in the world, is arrogant and cruel. But when he tries to bully a tiny she-sparrow, he meets his match.

“Don’t henpeck me you unpleasant little avian!” the Pulcher trilled.

The she-sparrow flies north to the Scottish Highlands to find the She-Eagle. When she returns she gives the Pulcher one last chance to apologise.

“Apologise? I’d rather eat thistles!”

Justice is about to be done but there’s a twist in the tail.

"The Pulcher's Last Dance is a beautiful little fable full of life lessons: patience, humility, self-denial, sacrifice, loyalty, friendship, love, forgiveness. It may take less than half an hour to read, but its content can change lives."

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