This Is God’s Plan?!

How We Can Be Certain In Days of Uncertainty

Is THIS God’s Plan?

Are you wondering how disease, disunity, disorder, disappointment, and disaster can be part of a loving God’s plan for the world? If you are, this book is for you.

God is good, all-powerful, and has a plan. It’s hard to see by looking at the world today. Let’s face it. The world is a mess. How can we possibly make sense of it?

If you are a Christian and struggling with doubt, this book may strengthen your wavering faith in these uncertain days. If you’re on the fence, maybe believing in a God who permits evil and suffering is hard for you. If you’re willing to consider the possibility that God exists and is working out His plan, this book is for you. God is much bigger than any single event He allows. By studying God’s works in creation, the Fall, redemption, and the prophecy of promised future restoration, we can have confidence that He is in control.

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