Tracking A Shadow

A Jarvis Mann Private Detective HardBoiled Mystery Novel (Jarvis Mann Detective Book 2)

PI Jarvis Mann was captivated by the sultry tones of his female client…Emily White with girl next door looks and shimmering eyes that begged for help…She is being stalked but isn’t certain by whom……and this wasn’t the first timeThree suspects…An ex-husband who lives to play softballA sexist pig ex-employee who believes he is god’s gift to womenAnd a mystery man who Jarvis encounters with painful resultsStill, Jarvis begins to think it’s all in Emily’s headUntil a killing in her home convinces him otherwiseWhen a powerful businessman and crime boss becomes involved, things really get complicatedSoon Jarvis is the prime suspect in the brutal beating of one of the possible stalkersThreatening to put his PI career on ice!

"This was a fun book to read on so many levels. First off, Jarvis was a quick-witted wise ass that made following him a pure pleasure. He made me laugh so many times with his sarcastic sense of humor-KiwesTracking a Shadow is the best of both worlds. If you like noir mysteries, there's a bit of it in there; if you prefer contemporary and thrilling mysteries, you'll find it in this book. I definitely recommend this to readers who are looking for an intriguing and eclectic plot, and I'm looking forward to reading more Jarvis Mann novels!I was so lucky to have found this new author and Wow was I happy! This suspense was so good and right when I thought I solved it the author threw me for a loop. I love the way he writes and loved this book. I can't wait to read more of his books. R. Weir hit a home run with this book."
5 Star Amazon Reviews

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