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A taste of two series – Roma Nova, a Roman country in the 21st century run by women, and Mélisende, agent extraordinaire, thrills guaranteed!

There used to be one – Roma Nova – now there are two. Mélisende’s world is a rather young, freshly minted world, but I’m very excited about it.Mélisende comes from a real place – Poitou  in southwest France. At the beginning of the first in the series, Double Identity, she’s just left her job as an intelligence analyst in the French Army special forces to settle down with the love of her life, Gérard. She’s looking forward to a chic Parisian lifestyle, leisure, and perhaps children.But in my thriller worlds, that sort of thing doesn’t happen.The Sand Beneath Her Feet, the first story in this free welcome book, is a prequel to Double Identity and gives a glimpse of Mel’s life just before she left the French Army. You know, that last easy mission…Roma Nova, by contrast, is an imaginary country ‘somewhere in Europe’ with ancient history of its own. What if a small part of the original Roman empire had survived across the centuries? What would it be like? Would if have evolved from the old empire and changed in order to survive? You can read the full story on my website.There are nine books in the Roma Nova series (so far!), so plenty to explore.Conrad & Carina’s Roman Holiday, the second part of this  book, is set in the Roma Nova world in the 21st century yet pulls us back to an ancient Roman mystery.I hope after reading this welcome pack, you’ll join in all the adventures in my thriller worlds.https://alison-morton.com

"One of the reasons I am enthralled with the Roma Nova series (aside from the skilfully written plots, excellent writing and professional standard of production) is the concept of the whole thing."
Helen Hollick, Discovering Diamonds Reviews


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