Blind Disaster


They can have it all, if their first date doesn't turn into a blind disaster.

Senior Ethan Kim has the world at his fingertips. A political science major with plans to head to Harvard Law, he’s the star running back for the Roseden University football team. With the addition of his duties as student body vice president and his involvement with Pride council, he doesn’t think he has time for a relationship. Besides, he’s the only one going into this date blind.

Joshua Dewar’s Senior project blends artificial intelligence with innovative technology – a skill set that has him hotly desired at robotics firms across the country. The gangly ginger spends his free time doing cheer squad, rooting for the Fighting Fishers, and admiring Ethan Kim from afar. How he got a date with the man himself, he’s still not sure, but he’s determined not to ruin it.

Is there a graceful resolution from a Blind Disaster? Read on to find out!

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