Busy Mom’s Yoga


A Quick, Inspirational Guide to the Practice

Your health and happiness depend on your ability to find balance. The good news: A little bit of yoga goes a long way!

This quick yoga guide teaches: (1) the basic principles of yoga and meditation, (2) how to cultivate a strong, steady yoga home practice that feels fresh and exciting every time you step on the mat (3) and most importantly: how yoga can restore your busy mom-soul and bring you a sense of gratitude and a greater appreciation for your body and your individual brand of beauty.

This fabulous little guide is packed with inspirational tips for the yoga beginner. Author Rica Keenum, founder of the Yoga Mat Monkey website, writes with humor and insight on integrating mindfulness and discovering the inner flame that burns inside every woman.

Readers have called it one of the best yoga books for home practice.

Discover magic and momentum on your yoga mat. Ignite your passion for self-improvement and use the author’s everyday mantra: Be flexible; be fierce.

"This is one of the best little guides to yoga -- great for beginners or anyone looking for tips to stay motivated and enjoy the journey! "
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