Controlled Desire


Are all men boring and vanilla? Celine sure thinks so, that is, until she meets Everett...

Celine is bored with the dating scene.
Her family keeps setting her up with the most unexciting men on the planet.
These guys think they know everything. They never take risks and they never get her heart thumping. This librarian is looking to walk on the wild side, but can’t seem to find anyone that’s not a cold vanilla.
Sparks fly when she meets a handsome man at a library gala and she agonizes over it for days afterward before finally deciding to forget about him.
But when he comes looking for her at work, all bets are off.

Everett’s been burned before.
He’s learned to be cautions when it comes to matters of the heart and he’s not looking to fall in love. But there’s something so intriguing about Celine and the fire in her eyes tells him she might just be the wild kitten he’s looking for. Let the games begin!
But the more he plays, the more he begins to realize she’s not at all what he expected…
Everett needs to decide if he’s going to give love a chance, or if he’s going to let his past tear them apart.

The Sisters

Evie always watched her older sister Jenny from afar. Jenny can’t do wrong; she’s the apple of their mother’s eye.

The Invisible Assistant

What begins as a typical corporate event for magician Eli Marks turns into a twisted mystery when he is called

10 Book Chapter Sampler

This Mini-Book has first chapters from 10 different books. There are 3 books of sci-fi/fantasy, 3 historical stories, 3 anthologies

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