Harriet Hall and the Miracle Cure


An animal-loving kid displaced by the war. An unlikely ally among the trees. A heart-stopping secret threatening to poison her life.

  1. Harriet Hall is desperate for a friend. Evacuated from London with her ailing mother and sent to live with her unruly Canadian relatives, the independent twelve-year-old is tired of the turmoil. And with her cousins driving her crazy, her mom’s latest hurried trip to the hospital is enough to send the lonely girl running into the forbidden forest… and straight into a sympathetic sasquatch.

Ecstatic to finally have a companion, Harriet is overwhelmed when the creature shows her a cabin where her parent’s doctor conducts strange experiments. And revealing the truth to save her sickly mother means putting herself in harm’s way.

Can Harriet and her wild ally defeat the evil adult before it’s too late?

Harriet Hall and the Miracle Cure is the suspenseful first book in The Harriet Hall children’s adventure series. If you like bold young heroines, action-packed journeys, and fun Canuck tidbits, then you’ll love Sonia Garrett’s thrilling story.

"Well, now, this is a hair-rising middle-grade adventure that won't let you catch your breath. I loved the setting: 1940 London and Canada. Men are going to war; mothers and children stay behind. The problem is that Harriet's mother is sick - worryingly sick. Who can she go to, to find comfort? Who could heal her mother? Her Canadian cousins are little pests. Adults are busy, while others are downright evil... In this challenging new world, our brave heroine manages to find one friend - and a mighty big one at that! "
Rae Knightly, 5 star Amazon Review

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