Loads of Trouble – An Izzy Izzard Dystopian Thriller


Reading minds is a superpower, but it doesn't make you bullet proof

17-year-old Izzy can read minds. Her doctors believe she’s crazy, ‘crackers’ they say, and have locked Izzy away. Her twin, Elliot, knows her mind-reading superpower is cool, but no one but Izzy listens to him, because he’s dead.

As is her guardian, her older brother, Dougal.

Dougal was Izzy’s hero. He was big and tall and believed Izzy when she told him she could read minds. ‘Keep it a secret,’ he told her. ‘People don’t like different.’

Dougal should know as he liked boys and in Albion Minor that was frowned upon. Dougal ran a Private firm that protected the LGBTQ community from harm, but when he was murdered homophobia was suspected, indeed feared. Who is going to protect the community from the homophobes, cleverly disguised as the local Cricket Club, from harm, from persecution, and from the Friday night bashings the cricket club called practice?

Izzy, that’s who.

First, she must escape from the Asylum. Second, she must convince Dougal’s transman business partner, Robert (a man with super strength), that she can read minds and will use that power to discover Dougal’s killer. And third, she must learn how to investigate, take a punch, bend steel, and catch a bullet in her bare hands.

"Izzy and trouble go hand in hand. The world is awesome and original. Not to mention a hand full of unique characters you will love. Izzy’s Loads of Trouble should be a welcome, entertaining read for anyone who likes kinky mysteries, or suspenseful action. I was in after I read this: "She must learn how to investigate, take a punch, bend steel, and catch a bullet in her bare hands." That alone suggested this wouldn't be a boring read. And it isn't. Izzy delivers a super fun story and premise. It's nonstop entertainment for all ages!"

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