Seaside Love Affair


A Kenyon Cove Romance

Audrey Coyle can never forget the Atlantic storm that claimed her father’s life off shore from Kenyon Cove, Maine. Because of their shared love of books, she honored her father’s memory by studying library science. When Kenyon Cove posts a head librarian job, Audrey takes it as a sign to go to her father’s hometown and heal by dedicating herself to expanding the library.

Martin Greene does things his own way building boats at the Kenyon Cove boat works without a blueprint or instructions. He loves his independence, but he sacrifices all his free time to his dream of opening his own boat building company. When a chance meeting introduces him to Audrey Coyle, Martin has to re-evaluate his beliefs about books and his own sense of independence. He finds that opening his heart is riskier than facing a wild ocean wave.

The Sisters

Evie always watched her older sister Jenny from afar. Jenny can’t do wrong; she’s the apple of their mother’s eye.

The Invisible Assistant

What begins as a typical corporate event for magician Eli Marks turns into a twisted mystery when he is called

10 Book Chapter Sampler

This Mini-Book has first chapters from 10 different books. There are 3 books of sci-fi/fantasy, 3 historical stories, 3 anthologies

About the Author

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